Free consultations. Sitting Services also available.

$20 for 60 minutes up to 2 dogs
$5 for each additional dog

Ex: 3 dogs = $25/hr total

What does your money pay for?

-No lazy, dog-parking. If you pay to have your dog walked, your dog will be walked.
-15 minute walk at a controlled, moderate, yet manageable pace; break; 15 more minutes of walking. Stop, sniff, repeat.
Routine is important to maintain a relaxed and calm walk, which maximizes the benefits of the exercise.

Recurring expenses:
Bottled water
Waste bags
Tennis shoes

Unforeseen, yet inevitable,
doggie surprises:

Cell phone
Paper towels
Cleaning supplies
First aid supplies
Emergency, vet funds

*Please discuss any special needs or health issues your dog may have. Canine Migration does not provide veterinary services beyond basic first-aid or oral medications; but will seek emergency veterinary care if an event should occur. Important information necessary to your pet’s care should be provided.
*Accidents can occur without warning at any time. Any pet that seems severely distressed will be taken to the nearest veterinary hospital, and the owner will be contacted immediately. No pet will ever be left unattended.